The Swedish Village Action Movement

The Swedish Village Action Movement consists of about 4 700 village action groups, and the number continues to increase. We estimate that roughly 100 000 individuals are involved directly in village action groups and that their work affects three million people - a third of the Swedish population.



The village action groups are spread all over Sweden and deal with all sorts of matters. They run shops, organise childcare, set up wind power plants and improve roads.



Often it starts with a local crisis, for example, a factory shuts down or a school closes. The villagers recognize the need for collective action. Usually a few dedicated persons take the lead - in Swedish we call them "fiery spirits" - and others follow.


What is a Village action group?

Village action groups (as we define them)

  • work on a broad basis to promote local development;
  • see to the common interests of the district and represent it in various contexts;
  • are open to all and work publicly;
  • are appointed and work in a democratic way, often as non-profit associations;
  • operate in a district - the village or the parish - defined by the inhabitants themselves.



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In the brochure "The best Village in the World" you can also read about good practises in the Swedish village movement.

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